The voice of the tree: “I am the handle of your hoe, the door of your homestead, the wood of your cradle, the shell of your coffin...” –Unknown author

About Us


2133 County Road 9
Marshall, MN 56258



Welcome! We are North Central Reforestation’s new owners, Lance and Emily Dorschner. We took ownership on December 29, 2017, and the following week Lance moved to the original site in Evansville, MN, to work alongside Dave, Michelle, and Candice, who trained him in the successful operation of the company. In the fall of 2018 ground was broken in Marshall, MN, and the process of relocating the entire facility began. We look forward to continuing Dave and Michelle’s commitment to quality and excellence and wish them a long and happy retirement! We also wish the best to Candice Trenne, Daves daughter and committed long-time employee, as she moves on to her next adventure!

A Minnesota Certified Nursery Stock Grower, we at North Central Reforestation, Inc have been growing containerized tree seedlings since 1978. Our greenhouses are located in blustery west central Minnesota in the transition zone between forest and prairie so our trees grow up tough! We also provide bareroot stock from reputable wholesale growers to supplement our own stock.

Specialists in containerized tree seedlings for reforestation and conservation purposes, most of our species are native to north central United States: Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan. As a regional business, we are geared for this area of the country although some species may also be appropriate for other parts of the country.

About our Seedlings:
The seedlings we grow are “containerized seedlings” which are grown in containers in greenhouses. Before being shipped the tree seedlings are moved outside to shadehouses for a period of time to “harden off” or become acclimated to outdoor conditions. We do not ship trees without a hardening off process.

One of the advantages of these seedlings is that in addition to the normal spring planting season they can be planted throughout the summer and into early fall if moisture conditions are favorable.

Containers and Container Deposit:
We grow most of our containerized seedlings in Styrofoam blocks (Styroblocks). The sizes available are Styro 4A, 6, 10, 20 and 60 (very limitied quantities). The size refers to the approximate volume of the root cavity in cubic inches. Not all species are grown in all sizes. These lightweight containers measure 14” x 24”. The depth or height of the block varies according to the size of the root cavity. Since the Styroblocks are reusable, a container deposit of $5.50 is charged at the time they are taken. This deposit is refunded when the undamaged blocks are returned to us within one year. All other refunds are at our discretion.

Location and hours:
Normal hours are 8-5 M-F. We suggest calling first (507-337-2422) if you are making a special trip here.

Please note our LOCATION CHANGE!!!!
2133 County Road 9, Marshall, MN 56258

David & Michelle Olsen
10466 405th Avenue,
Evansville, MN 56326
Toll Free 877-702-5579
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North Central Reforestation
Lance and Emily Dorschner, Owners
2133 County Road 9
Marshall, MN 56258


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You are welcome to stop anytime to pick up seedlings, see our facilities, place orders, etc. but we do recommend calling ahead to make sure we are open and and to get directions.

Our new location is:
2133 County Road 9
Marshall, MN 56258

Please call 507-337-2422 for directions and an appointment.